Getting started

Daisy is used to host its own documentation website: browse around and learn about its features. If you are interested to know more about Daisy's administrative and editing screens, we've put up a number of screenshots. Also, you can easily install and run Daisy to give it a try and see if it works out for your project.

Daisy's default browsing and editing application can easily be adapted to your web look-and-feel: its XSLT-based templating system provides ultimate freedom and flexibility.

Daisy is an open source project: your contributions are warmly welcomed.

The project

Before its initial release on October 12th 2004, Daisy has been under active development for almost 10 months. Its initial development has been funded primarily by Schaubroeck - its implementation has been done by Outerthought. Almost three years later now, Daisy counts 10+ releases, and is the center of a thriving ecosphere, with consistent and structural support by several companies and a healthy user community.

We solicit contributions, either through code or through funding, from other parties interested in this development model. Outerthought has considerable experience in doing open source framework development as a foundation for commercial products. This way, users cannot only implement Daisy for their specific projects, but they can also support and steer direction of future Daisy development. We are also available for project-specific Daisy add-ons, making sure Daisy does exactly what you need for your particular requirements.