If you want to evaluate or explore daisy CMS without installing it on your own system, there is now a live demo site available at:


You may login with the following credentials:

Administrator role:

Username: admin
Password: admin

User role:

Username: user
Password: user

This daisy instance was compiled from SVN revision 3762. I might update the version from time to time, but I'm not able to maintain that service as a live demo build from a daily svn snapshot, as proposed on the  mailing list.

The demo site is now  compiled from the 2.0 branch of Daisy. The  namespace of the repository is Demo.

Due to security reasons, the document task function was disabled on the demo site.

The daisy repository will be reset to its initial state every 24 hours. This offer is meant as a public service, so please do not change the password of the existing administrator and/or user account.

Enjoy exploring daisy CMS!