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How do I change the daisyrepository database to UTF-8?

[ This article applies from Daisy version any to version any ]

For newer Daisy versions (1.5, 2.0, ...) the installation instructions create databases using the UTF-8 character set by default. The following information is mainly for people how have been using Daisy since older releases.


Two steps are involved:

  1. Changing the MySQL database to UTF-8
  2. Daisy configuration change: adding a parameter to the database connection URL

Changing the MySQL database to UTF-8

Foremost, see the MySQL documentation for best advice.

Here is one way to do it.

First make a dump of the daisyrepository database:

mysqldump -uroot daisyrepository > mysqldump.sql

Now open mysqldump.sql file in a texteditor (using utf8 encoding -- at least if you're using MySQL > 4.1.2, which you should), and do a search and replace of:




Next go into the mysql tool:

mysql -uroot

and execute:

drop database daisyrepository;
create database daisyrepository CHARACTER SET 'utf8';

and then reload the dump:

mysql -uroot -Ddaisyrepository < mysqldump.sql

Changing Daisy config

Open the myconfig.xml file in a text editor:

<daisyrepodata dir>/conf/myconfig.xml

Look for a line that looks like:


If you're using MySQL 5, change the connection URL to:


If you're using MySQL 4.1, change it to: