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11 Internationalization (i18n)

The internationalization (i18n) support of Kauri includes:

11.1 i18n first steps

11.1.1 wiring.xml

If you generated your project from a template, then this might already be set up for you.

In the wiring.xml, add the following modules as first modules.

    <artifact id="i18n" groupId="org.kauriproject" artifactId="kauri-i18n-impl">
      <mount name="i18n" path="/kauri/i18n"/>

    <artifact id="locale-assignment" groupId="org.kauriproject" artifactId="kauri-locale-assignment"/>

The kauri-i18n-impl module provides all i18n functionality, most notably resource bundle loading.

The locale-assignment module installs a Restlet filter which will determine the locale to use. This is a small module, which you could replace with your own if you want to use custom logic for this.

10.4.7 Validators11.1.2 pom.xml