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21.6 Maven Dependency plugin

We included the Maven Dependency Plugin in Kauri, by adding the following in the parent pom.xml:


This makes it possible to do some analysis of all the dependencies - including the transitive dependencies - of each (sub)project. You can invoke any of the dependency-goals on the root level, or in a single (sub)project: mvn <goal>

The most interesting goals for this purpose are:




Very useful ! Analyzes the dependencies of this project and determines which are: used and declared; used and undeclared; unused and declared.


Very useful ! Displays the dependency tree for this project.


Displays the list of dependencies for this project.

Some other plugins do similar analysis, but they don't always seem as accurate as this dependency plugin.

Maybe we could use this plugin to generate the classloader.xml files we need in our modules. Maybe dependency:copy-dependencies can be of some help, or otherwise the dependency:list with post-processing ? TODO: Take a look at how they do it @Schaubroeck.

21.5.2 JUnit "Module" Tests21.7 Release Building