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4.3.6 Creating a variant across a set of documents

When using branches, you will often want to add a variant for that branch to a set of documents (in other words: create a branch across a set of documents). To avoid the need to do this one-by-one for each document, Daisy has a "Document Task Manager" which allows the execution of a certain task on a set of documents. And that task could for example be "adding a new variant".

The Document Task Manager is covered in a separate section, here we will just focus on how to use it to create a new variant.

Before using the Document Task Manager, be sure you have defined the new branch (or language) using the administration screens.

In the Daisy Wiki, the Document Task Manager is accessed via the drop-down User-menu (in the main navigation bar). Select the option to create a new task. You are then first presented with a screen where you need to specify the documents (document variants actually) with which you want to do something. As you can see, it is possible to add documents using queries. For example, for the Daisy site, when we want to create a branch starting from the Daisy 1.2 documentation, we would use a query like:

select id, name where InCollection('daisydocs') and branch = 'daisydocs-1_2' and language = 'en'

Once you selected the documents, press Next to go to the next page where the action to be performed on the documents is specified. For Type of task choose Simple Actions. Then press the Add button to add a new action. Change the type of the action to Create Variant (if necessary), and specify the branch and language you want to create. Finally press start to start the task. You can then follow up on the progress of this operation, and check if it finished successfully for all documents.

4.3.5 Queries embedded in documents4.4 Repository namespaces