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4.1.4 Document properties ID

When a document is saved for the first time, it is assigned a unique ID. The ID is the combination of a sequence counter and the repository namespace. If the repository namespace is FOO, then the first document will get ID 1-FOO, the second 2-FOO, and so on. The ID of a document never changes. Owner

The owner of a document is a person who is always able to access (read/write) the document, regardless of what the ACL specifies. The owner is initially the creator of the document, but can be changed afterwards. Created

The date and time when the document was created. This value never changes. Last Modified and Last Modifier

Each time a document is saved, the user performing the save operation is stored as the last modifier, and the date and time of the save operation as the "last modified" timestamp.

Note that each document variant has their own last modified and last modifier properties, which are usually more interesting: the last modified and modifier of the document are only updated when some of the shared document properties change. Reference language

This field is used for translation management purposes.

It specifies which language variant is the reference language, that is the language on which translations are based. For example, if you first write all your content in English and than translate it to other language, English is the reference language.

See  Translation management for more information on this topic.

4.1.3 Documents & document variants4.1.5 Document variant properties