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5.2.4 Links

The format of links to other documents in the daisy repository is:

daisy:<document id>
for example:

The daisy link can furthermore include branch, language and version specifications:

daisy:<document id>@<branch name or id>:<language name or id>:<version id>

Each of these additional parts is optional. For example to link to version 5 of document 167, on the same branch and language as the current document variant, use:


The <version id> can be a number or the strings last or live.

If you don't know the id of a document by heart (which is likely the case), use the "Create link by searching" button on the toolbar.

A link can furthermore contain a fragment identifier. A fragment identifier is used to directly link to a specific element (e.g. a heading or a table) in a document. For this you first need to assign an ID to the element you want to link to (there is an "Edit ID" for this on the toolbar), and then you can adjust the link. The link editor dialogs make it easy by allowing to browse for available element IDs.

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