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4.12.25 p:publisherRequest

p:publisherRequest is the root element of a publisher request document.

A basic, empty publisher request is structured as follows:


 [... various publisher requests ...]


The reponse of a publisher request is structured as follows:


 [... responses to the various requests ...]


About the attributes on the p:publisherRequest element:

The locale attribute is optional, by default the en-US locale will be used. If the publisher request is executed as part of another publisher request (see p:preparedDocuments), the locale will default to the locale of the 'parent' publisher request.

The versionMode attribute is optional, valid values are live (the default) or last. This attribute indicates which version of a document should be used by default if no explicit version is indicated. If its value is 'last', it will also cause the option 'search_last_version' to be set for various queries (those embedded in documents when requesting a preparedDocument, those executed by p:performQuery or p:forEach). It will also influence the version mode of the navigation tree when using p:navigationTree.

The exceptions attribute is also optional, throw is its default value. Basically this means that if an exception occurs during the processing of the publisher request, it will be thrown. It is also possible to specify inline, in which case the error description will be embedded in the p:publisherResponse element, but no exception will be thrown.

The styleHint attribute (optional, not shown above) will simply be replicated on the p:publisherResponse element. The publisher itself does not interpret the value of this attribute, it can be used by the caller of the publisher to influence the styling process. In the case of the Daisy Wiki, the styleHint attribute can contain the name of an alternative document-styling XSL to use (instead of the default doctype-name.xsl).

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