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10.14 Specifying the wikidata directory location

In a default Daisy setup, the location of the wikidata directory is communicated to the Daisy Wiki by means of a Java system property (this is a property passed to the Java executable using a '-D' argument). The name of the property is daisywiki.data.

This is convenient for the default setup as it allows to specify the wikidata directory location as a command line argument. However, this doesn't allow to deploy the Daisy Wiki webapp multiple times in the same servlet container, using different wikidata directories. Or sometimes people might not be able to control the system properties passed to the servlet container.

For such cases, it is also possible to specify the wikidata directory location using a Servlet context initialization parameter. Such parameter can be specified in the WEB-INF/web.xml file (part of the webapp, requires to make multiple duplicates of the webapp directory), or outside of the webapp using a servlet-container specific configuration mechanism. The context initialization property is also named daisywiki.data.

Here is an example of specifying it in the web.xml:



... rest of the config ...


If the daisywiki.data property is specified both as a system property and Servlet context initialization parameter, then the context initialization parameter gets precedence. 

10.13 Large repositories10.15 Making backups