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12 Contributor/Committer tips

This section contains information useful for people working on the Daisy source code.

See also this related info in other places:

12.1 Coding style

Without getting religious about coding style guidelines, it is pleasant and productive if all code follows more or less the same style. Basically, just do the same as the current sources, and follow the standard Java conventions (ClassNamesLikeThis, static finals in uppercase, etc). Opening braces are on the same line. Use some whitespace, e.g. write x = 5 + 3, not x=5+3.

One special point that requires attention: use spaces for indentation, do not use tabs. For Java sources, we use 4 spaces, for XML 2 spaces.

For Javascript, please follow the Dojo style guide (at the time of this writing, most Javascript in Daisy is a pretty unstructured set of functions, but as the amount of Javascript starts growing, we need to follow better practices).

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