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4.13 Backup locking

The practical side of making backups is explained in the section Making backups. Here we only describe the backup-lock mechanism, which is of use if you want to write your own backup tool.

The repository server uses multiple storages: a relational database, the blobstore (a filesystem directory), and the full text indexes (also stored on the filesystem). Next to that, the JMS system also has its own database. Daisy does not employ some fancy distributed transaction manager with associated log, therefore it has its own simple mechanism to allow to take a consistent backup of these different stores. Daisy allows to take a "backup lock" on the repository server. This will:

A backup lock is requested via the JMX interface. It needs a "timeout" parameter that specifies how long to wait for any running operations to end.

While the backup lock is active, all read operations will continue to work, and update operations that only involve the repository's relational database will continue to work. Operations that require an update to the blobstore (such as saving a document in most cases) will give an exception.

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